Much has been written about Summer entertaining on the East End of Long Island. Famously known as The Hamptons. Water Mill, a hamlet located in Southampton, was the location for this elegant private event. It is an absolute paradise for any event photographer to be working in the Hamptons. And I work there often because I am located on the South Shore.  This client hired  Sonnier & Castle.  As you can see from these few photos I can show, they are renowned for style and service.

Creating beautiful event photos in the Hamptons is easy with such a gorgeous backdrop.

Working with Sonnier & Castle is a dream as you can see from this elegant table setting.

Classically Hamptons – I love this quintessential Hamptons palette of muted tones.

I was amused by this small touch – the mini tacos have a trace of pink on top, matching the pink shirts worn by the staff.

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