Andrea and Brian, Brookfield CT, Wedding

Andrea and Brian, Brookfield CT, Wedding

When I headed out to that morning the day was clear as can be. And as I made my way up  Route 7 towards Andrea’s parents home in Connecticut, to photograph Andrea getting ready for her wedding to Brian, sprinkles of water began to fly down from above. And then, seemingly out nowhere came the big grey cloud! Good thing I was meeting Andrea at her parents home. They have lots and lots of windows, perfect for some of the natural light portraiture I love to do. Well, we get started with pictures in front of the windows, and the weather took another sudden turn and the sun comes blazing through the lace curtains creating a beautiful shadow all over her shoulder. It reminded me of the bridal custom of henna. Gorgeous.

The Bride holding her bouquet

lace shadows reminiscent of bridal henna

The handsome Groom

The groom spent one year in Iraq. This was quite a celebration. I love photographing grandparents at weddings. I pay special attention to make sure I get good coverage of them. Brian and his grandpa look like brothers to me. I just want to soak in grandpa’s joy. In each photograph I made, he is so full of vitality.

The Groom and his grandfather do a little freestyle dancing


Brian and Andrea enjoy twilight

Andrea had only one request really. She wanted me to capture her and her husband “walking away.”

bride and groom heading off to the reception at sunset

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