Temple Beth El of Great Neck Bat Mitzvah

This Bat Mitzvah celebration at Temple Beth El of Great Neck, on Long Island, lasted 3 hours. And it was one of the  most energetic kiddush luncheons I have ever witnessed and photographed. The family didn’t want typical Torah portraits at the Bima. They requested a lovely photo of their daughter in her dress, to remember the day. MC Gianpierre from Party Harty, along with DJ Mike, wasted no time in getting the party started. The music was pumped up.  See how Riley’s brother made his grand entrance? His hair is sticking straight up! It looks like he is running into a wind tunnel. When it was Riley’s turn, MC Gianpierre spun her around and twisted her into the dip. I love her smile. Riley clearly had the best day of her life. During the candle lighting ceremony, Riley must have made a very big wish. She was concentrating for awhile. I hope your wish comes true. I love the expression on her face during that moment the chairs lifts off the floor for the hora.  When Riley’s father had his turn up in the chair during the hora, I was thinking – he must have practiced on a mechanical bull! He is clearly a superstar when it comes to being lifted in the chair during the hora. Check him out, his friends raised his chair up and gave him the ride of his life. Riley is a serious athlete according to her mom. -I found out she  drives Riley to her to her softball games every weekend. And some are pretty far away. That’s why her cake was decorated as a softball field and her one of a kind photo based centerpieces  revolve around all of the sports Riley can play.

Temple Beth El Great Neck bat mitzvah portrait fun bat mitzvah grand entrance photo bat mitzvah girl with MC Gianpierre Bat Mitzvah girl being introduced by MC Gianpierre bat mitzvah candle lighting ceremony with parents making a wish with closed eyes about to go up in the chair for the bat mitzvah hora bat mitzvah girl up in the chair during the hora fun hora photo amazing hora photo letting go of the chair exciting hora photo up in the chair Temple Beth El Great Neck kids bat mitzvah lounge with games softball field bat mitzvah cake Temple Beth El Great Neck set up for bat mitzvah kiddush luncheon sports themed centerpiece photo based centerpeice branded bat mitzvah sweatshirts


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