Bat Mitzvah – Old Oaks Country Club – Westchester

Kendall’s party was planned for last Saturday night.  If you live in the North East and had the news on or looked outside from your windows, then you know we had a really big storm. Saturday night was so windy and so wet that nearly every single road on the map surrounding the Old Oaks Country Club up in Purchase, became blocked by fallen trees. The wind was whipping around at speeds up to 70 m.p.h. heaving trees sideways that were landing right across the road. It was all very dramatic. At one point those of us that made it into the Club: the event planners, the lighting designer, the DJ, myself and the videographer….. thought we may be sleeping over. Moments after i arrived….we found out that two large trees fell onto the driveway leading up to the clubhouse, possibly overlapping each other, blocking the driveway completely.  This also meant no one, including Kendall, would get to her party and see her gorgeous room and cake and her!

This is why you hire a professional! Due to the weather that day, I was on the road by 3 PM from Long Island  to Purchase, for an 8PM party!!! And luckily, I arrived at 5:30.  Kendall’s mom told me the power is known to go out up there and since the room was basically all set up I thought why not just grab my decor and cake shots now – you never know. The room was so pretty – decorated with purple up-lighting all the way around. Well it was a very good thing I did that….fast forward… 8PM on the dot, 4 boys arrived (we had no idea if the driveway was cleared )  and then Kendall and her family arrived. Amazing! Many friends kept arriving. Twenty or so minutes later and we were on generators! Out went the purple up-lights! But the music played on…and for a little while we all forgot about the storm outside.

decorating the cake with flowers

the cake

Kendall Bat Mitzvah girl

a k pillow

the presentations

the hora

make a wish

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