Edgemere NY after Hurricane Sandy

Several days after Superstorm Sandy moved through the region devastating all of the coastal areas within 100 miles of where I live, I visited the Rockaway beaches closest to me: Far Rockaway and Edgemere. Edgemere is vacant land now but the boardwalk that runs through it connected Beach 9th Street in Far Rockaway all the way up to Riis Park just before Breezy point where beach streets are numbered in the 200’s. Many a Summer day when I was 13 or so,  was spent riding on my bike from one end to the other. It was a wonderful life.

boardwalk in Edgemere NY after Hurricane Sandy

Beach 36th St boardwalk after superstorm Sandy hit Rockaway

the water surge lifted long sections of boardwalk off of their support and moved them back one city block

the red tub is from Long Beach New York, several miles away on a different barrier island

the Rockaway boardwalk after hurricane Sandy

under the boardwalk

sandgrass dislodged and relocated during the storm

the view from Beach 36th St Edgemere looking West towards Rockaway Beach in the 80's

large sections of boardwalk were dislocated

was the boardwalk in Edgemere NY on the Rockaway peninsula

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