An empty beach in East Hampton, Long Island, was the setting for these sun filled family photos. It was August already and the beach got quiet  4:30 by the  afternoon, the family was able to wear light summer clothing. So it seemed we had the whole place to ourselves. We really lucked out that day – the wind could have been blowing in circles! Instead it was totally cooperative, coming from the direction of the sun, right over my shoulder. The mom wanted a color palette that flattered the whole family. We settled on navy blue which  held it all together. #beinpictures Be in pictures is a reminder to be in family photos with your children, for them.

East Hampton Long Island portrait photography east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8216 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8218 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8219 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8270 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8305 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8318 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8321 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8332 mother and son on the beach at East Hampton a family photo on the beach having fun on the beach spontaneous casual family photo first time putting toes in the ocean father and toddler son hanging out together on the beach lifestyle portraits on the beach east-hampton-family-photos cute toddle photo walking on the beach in east-hampton casual family photo photobombing summer photos on long island boys portrait at the surf east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8894 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8895 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8913 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8927 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8937 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-8944 east-hampton-ellenwolffphoto-9016

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