Dylan  had perfect Summer weather for his birthday party this year. It was such a great day filled with so much fun. I will let the pictures tell the whole story.

perfect weather for an outdoor party

Gorgeous Summer Day near Moriches Bay Remsenberg Long Island

tug of war is always fun when you’re ten

the fun of tug of war in Summer

they face off – let’s see who can pump air into a baloon faster….

fun Summer games – blowing up balloons

more Summer fun – this game requires a little more skill

oohhhh that water is cold - get it in the pail!

hanging with the boys

making a really really good wish for the birthday candles

blowing out the birthday candles

making the first cut into the birthday cake (cutting off the gogs head)

cutting off the dog’s head on the Birthday cake shocked everyone!

gorgeous night for a Sunset portrait on Moriches Bay

a perfect day

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