Surprise Birthday Party – Gotham Hall NYC

It was a surprise birthday party at Gotham Hall, and everyone will always remember. Always. Forever. The event space Gotham Hall, is a New York City landmark near 36th St. and is known for hosting the most elegant NYC events. It was built as the headquarters of The Greenwich Savings Bank. And banks built in the 1920’s were massive, beautiful structures. When Rich walked through the foyer leading into the main spaceĀ  the 10 impressive ten foot brass doors were opened for him to reveal a Larry Party like no other. The decor was off the scale. As you can see by these photos, he was shocked.

Environmental portraits is one of the things I have an eye for. And Gotham Hall provides a distinctive, signature backdrop, monumental limestone Corinthian columns.


The entrance

Richs surprised look

Robin and Rich

birthday portrait at Gotham Hall NYC

on stage dancingon-stage-2


the first cake
birthday party striptease act at gotham hall nyc


Venue: Gotham Hall

Decor: Lawrence Scott Events

Music: Frankie Valli

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