If you follow the blog from time to time, you may remember Rachel. Her parents commissioned me to photograph her for her Bat Mitzvah several months ago after our meeting when Rachel decided I would be the best bat mitzvah photographer for her. I was – sort of – interviewed by Rachel and her parents.  Because Rachel has an attention deficit disorder, her parents were unsure how much or how little photography she would be able to handle. It was all up to Rachel. The big day has come and gone and Rachel was amazing. It was so great I will be posting about her in 2 parts – this is part one. Initially we did a casual session for a sign in board. But what we ended up with was much more. This was a special project. We used 5 of the images from our session to customize the wall decor at de Seversky Mansion and make the space all about Rachel. I set up a camera on a tripod with a time lapse remote control so you could get a glimpse of the installation process.  And I have included the original image and the final interpretation created for the space to give you a feel for how each image is customized for the environment.

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  1. Ellen Wolff New York Wedding & Event Photojournalist – The Blog » Community Synagogue Bat Mitzvah
    13 years ago

    […] is a continuation of  my post about Rachel. You can scroll down to see Part 1 or click on these words. Here are some fun and wonderful photos of Rachel and her family from Community Synagogue-Temple […]

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