NYC Bar Mitzvah at Lucid Lounge – Jonny

He is handsome, elegant, and fun! And just turned 13. His name is Jonathan but family and friends call him Jonny. We photographed Jonny for his Bar Mitzvah on Saturday night at a sound proof, chroma kinetic party space downtown – Lucid Lounge -Pressure. It is  located above Bowlmor Lanes on La Guardia Place. It was a super exciting dance party. No one sat down! His grand entrance was the best. He was rolled into the party in a human sized balloon [and he was ablew to breathe in there!] When it popped,  all of the guests were showered with colorful confetti. What a way to start a party!

bar mitzvah portrait in Lucid Lounge

fun bar mitzvah portrait inside the red egg

grand entrance


candid bar mitzvah portrait

candid portrait during the hora

candid photo on the dance floor

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